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About CleanGrillsScottsdale

We are the #1 choice when it’s about holistic grill cleaning, repairing and restoration services in Scottsdale. We are a professional BBQ cleaning and repair service provider for homes, restaurants and other commercial kitchens.

We want to establish healthy, non-toxic methods of cleaning barbecue to make sure that the food you eat is healthy for you and the environment. With a team of certified technicians, we use latest methods and techniques to clean and refurbish all models of barbecues and grilling units.

Our team of highly experienced barbecue cleaning professionals apply best safety measures to ensure proper disinfection of the grill machines.

With our flawless, child and pet friendly cleaning services, we convert an old and sticky grilling machine into a sparkling bright barbecue that makes delicious, smoky food for the whole family. When we repair barbecue, we not only mend the broken parts but replace the ones that may be dangerous in the future.

Our barbecue repair services include checking the burners, knobs, venture tubes, pressure regulators, gas shut off valves to everything that is on your barbecue machine. Again, we are your budget partners as we offer top class barbecue restoration services in Scottsdale. In essence, we make sure that you make and eat healthy food.

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Barbecue Cleaning Scottsdale AZ

Barbecue Cleaning

We offer Eco-friendly Barbecue cleaning services for all kinds and brands of barbecue grills to ensure that you enjoy healthy food. Our technicians remove all kinds of stubborn dirt and rusting from every nook and corner to bring back your Barbecue into a clean, hygienic and functional state. We offer commercial and residential cleaning for all makes of Barbecue grills. By using nontoxic disinfectant cleaners, we make sure that the grill is ready totally for healthy cooking. Be it a freestanding grill or the one with built-in model, we convert it from a muddle into a sparkling device that entice you to cook smoky food quite often.

Grill Restoration Scottsdale AZ

Grill Restoration

Restoration process involves converting an old, rusty Barbecue into a clean, hygienic and fresh looking cooking device. It is a pocket friendly method of pumping life into all models of grills starting from vintage grill to the latest designs. By repairing the old parts or installing new ones wherever needed, we ensure that the restoration process remains within your budget. Again, your inputs are valuable and therefore, we check what you want in your Barbecue grill and put our best efforts to get that done. Our highly experienced technicians are convert any old grill into a fresh looking cooking unit.

Barbecue Repair Service Scottsdale AZ

Barbecue Repair

The Barbecue repair process starts with examining every part of the grill, mending the damaged parts and re-installing them. Starting from detecting the loose knobs to checking the gas flow, our trained and certified technicians inspect all the parts with absolute accuracy.

Your safety is our priority and therefore, we check that there is no gas leakage and apply preventive measures to foreclose any upcoming danger.

Our Barbecue repair service includes replacement of worn-out parts with highest quality of grill parts. We make sure that the grill is converted into a fully functional, well-maintained cooking unit within the shortest possible time.

Commercial BBQ Cleaning Service Scottsdale AZ

Commercial BBQ Grill Cleaning

Cleaning a Barbeque grill is not only a difficult task but requires great expertise and care. We all should agree to the point that whatever DIY technique we use to clean our Barbeque grill, dust and debris will remain to the innermost portions.

Clean Grills Scottsdale is providing Commercial BBQ grill cleaning services to its residents and neighboring areas. If you are living in Scottsdale, Arizona, you can be easily entertained with our commercial BBQ grill cleaning services.

Clean Grill Scottsdale is not only providing residential grill cleaning services but commercial BBQ grill cleaning services too. 


As a holistic barbecue cleaner, CleanGrillsScottsdale.com aims to keep your grill clean and shiny!

Let us know your convenient time and date for cleaning your Barbecue. 

Our Grill Cleaning service starts just 195 USD.

Why should I hire CleangrillScottsdale for my BBQ cleaning?
  • Experts of Barbecue cleaning, repairing and restoration in Scottsdale
  • Uses Eco-friendly, child and pet friendly cleaners and disinfectants
  • Provides services for residential and commercial barbecues and kitchens
  • Totally affordable
Do you disassemble the BBQ?

Yes, as we focus on preventive maintenance, we examine all parts of the BBQ to check what is wrong where. This is the best way to repair and restore a grill machine and a strategy to prevent any danger that may crop up in the future. To avoid issues with gas leakage, we choose disassembling and reassembling.

Can you come after work hours or maybe the weekend?

Yes! We prioritize your time and offer services on weekends and after the regular work hours. Just suggest your preferred time while fixing the appointment and we will be available at your convenience.

Can I postpone or cancel a service?

Yes but we would appreciate if you manage to do so before 24 hours of the actual time of appointment.

Can I pay with credit or debit card?

Yes, we accept payments through cards.

What do CleangrillScottsdale specialists do that I can’t do myself?

They use the latest technology to clean greasy, sticky and rusty barbecues. Moreover, they have the experience to finish it in the shortest possible time. So, they save you time, effort and some good deal of money as well. 🙂

How often will my BBQ need to be professionally cleaned?

The best practice is to go for complete barbecue cleaning at least twice a year. We suggest you do that once in spring and in summer.

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They were very polite and clean. Guess that’s good because they cleaned my Viking Grill the best it’s ever been cleaned! I will be calling them again.

Jean Snyder

Scottsdale, AZ

My grill almost looks brand new. Clean grills of Scottsdale did a great job. On time and professional. Loved Troy. Thanks and looking forward to follow cleaning next year.

Debby Borzini

Scottsdale, AZ

All I can say is Wow!! My grill needed to be cleaned so badly and it looks as good as new!! The customer service was amazing. I highly recommend.

Sara Anderson

Scottsdale, AZ

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We transform your old, muddled grill into a clean, sparkling, polished, cleaned and fresh looking barbecue. To get our services, you need to book an appointment and inform us about the issue with the barbecue.

In addition, we offer services on weekends and beyond work hours to ensure that you get a clean, tidy BBQ at your convenience. The best part is that our services are totally affordable and you can fit them easily into your budget.

To sum up, whenever you need Eco-friendly BBQ cleaning and repair services, feel free to contact us!